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The Sleepless No Walk-A-Thon…

Ok here’s the deal.  Kesler and I started another challenge here at Casa M.  (We decided to create a log so that others around us could what it was like)  So here we go…  We combined the ever so popular No-Walk-A-Thon with a Stay-A-Wake challenge.  Basically, we sat on the couch for 24 hours without moving, while being awake for 40 straight hours.

The Sugary Goods that Kept us Awake

The Sugary Goodness that Kept us Awake

This experiment was torture.  No seriously, as an afterthought, I realized that having someone sit in one place and forcing them to stay awake is actually a very powerful torture tool still practiced today.  In other words it was mentally and physically painful.  So sorry if I say something offensive.

Kesler at the Start of the Challenge

Kesler at the Start of the Challenge

12:55 am (on Day 2)

O.K. got our snacks, pops and energy drinks, so let’s get this going.  Even though I personally feel like this will be a cakewalk I’m prepared for whatever happens.  I mean come on I know a lot of people who spend most of their time just sitting around for extended periods of time.  (P.S. This was a lazy person joke not a Christopher Reeves joke.)

5:13 am

Huh, this was more difficult than I anticipated.  As I sit here I feel like my A.D.D. has just kicked me in the chicken tenders.  I’m so tired.  In fact I would bet that the only movement I have is in my left pinkie.  Kesler is starting to giggle, and he doesn’t appear fazed by the lack of sleep but it has only just started.

Aaron Ringing the Gong to announce another hour gone past

Aaron Ringing the Gong to announce that another hour has gone past

12:36 pm

I finally caught my second wind thanks to the abundance of coffee and donuts and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m pretty sure that  my mind is screwing with me.  I thought I saw someone walk through our backyard but when we sent someone out there they were gone.  Kesler said that the “worst part of this whole thing is not being able to go outside”.  I would agree, it is a beautiful day out and the only thing I can do is just sit here and watch it.

5:09 pm

I SAW HIM AGAIN!! There is someone in our FREAKIN backyard!

No one believed me, but there WAS someone back there

No one believed me, but there WAS someone back there

For some reason only I can see him but I’m not the only one affected by the sleep deprivation.  Kesler keeps trying to tell me something but keeps losing his train of thought, he just said, “There are three people that I wouldn’t want to fight.  Jesus ,Chuck Norris… “ then he just sat there and zoned out at the tv.

He literally would stop talking in the middle of his sentense and just zone out

He literally would stop talking in the middle of his sentense and just zone out

5:12 pm

“… and Matt Roberts.”  It took Kesler three minutes, but he finally finished his sentence.  I should have interrupted him sooner but I was so afraid of the person in the backyard that my mind was elsewhere.

Huh… Kesler just noticed that he is wearing his boxers backwards, if that’s even possible.

The Fore mentioned Matt Roberts

The Aforementioned Matt Roberts

9:57 pm

We just watched Rambo and I almost fell asleep, I have no idea how that’s even possible (so much blood).  Kesler keeps claiming that he just licked his elbow but come on, there’s no way he was close. This was a bad idea…  Almost there.

10:36 pm

Two hours left, and we are physically exhausted.  We just started playing the “Marco Polo” game to stay awake but that got boring so we started singing our favorite ABBA songs instead.

Marco Polo was alot funner as kids... and when you can move

Marco Polo was alot funner as kids... and when you can move

I’m not going to lie, the tensions around here are getting pretty intense.  He just told me that “The Broncos could be the worst team in the NFL” I was caught off guard so just yelled back “oh yeah, Well you can’t read!!”…then came the awkward ten minutes of silence.  We were both pretty hurt by those comments.

12:871 pm

… Uh we just de… crap. I forgot what I was gonna said..?

12 mins before I could go to sleep

12 mins before I could go to sleep

12:55 pm

Game Over.


You can’t USH this!!

Danny (old roommate) and Katherine finally tied the knot a couple weeks ago. The funny thing is you could tell that the entire wedding was planned almost entirely by Katherine. I say this because Danny has never been much of an organizer. In fact THREE days before the wedding he asked me and a couple other guys to be ushers at the wedding (little last moment).

I can honestly say that they made the right choice appointing us as ushers. Not only did we look amazing but we also decided to make a career out of it.

(check out the link).

Sadly we haven’t received any calls on this but we still remain hopeful.

My Inner-Me

So apparently I did my last blog all wrong.  From what I was told, a blog is supposed to be less about random crap and more about your feelings… I kind of struggle with this because as far as I know, I really don’t have feelings. (unless you count gassy as a feeling?)  If you ask any guy they WILL say the same thing. (unless they are married then they tend to find/make some feelings up).  But what the heck, I can try to express my feelings, so here I go… These are some of the things that I feel

I feel like baby carrots are trying to turn me gay!! (I know we have all thought it but it took me to say it)

I feel like sometimes it is important to have a backup plan, but dating two girls at the same times doesn’t always qualify as one.

I feel like global warming is an important issue… except change important to overblown.

Clowns can defy logic, in the way that they are both terrifying and humorous at the same time.

Ducks don’t have arms, but I think they should.

(Wow that does feel good letting that out)  If you ask me AND YOU DID, I think we put too much emphasis on our emotions and not nearly enough importance on logic.

Classic example: One time I was stopped outside of Wal-Mart by man ringing a bell dressed like Santa.  This man asked me to donate money to a charitable cause, some kind of army.

As I reached into my pocket I realized that all my life I was told that Santa wasn’t real.  So why would I logically give money to a fictional character?

Maybe I am way off base but in some weird way it kind of makes sense… doesn’t it?


The begining of the end of college life.

Just between you and me I often get asked what I do in my spare time.  Usually after several failed attempts to change the subject it becomes obvious that I have a lot of down time.  I admit that my spare time starts off by reflecting on my day and wonder what’s next for me, more specifically what does the future hold for me?  Thanks to God blessing me with A.D.D., I can usually get out of this thought process within a minute or two without accomplishing much.

So in an attempt to silence this question for good, let it be known that this blog is what I NOW do in my spare time.  Every spare thought, every poop joke… basically every random thought and/or story that happens in the life of Aaron.  By no means will this be thought provoking or educational, but rather entertaining (hopefully).  So sit back, relax, open that bag of pork rinds and prepare yourself for my mindless banter.

You know when you’re in college you do weird things?? (I really hope this isn’t a shocker)  Well, I was on craigslist a couple days ago because I needed a computer desk.  Long story short something/someone who caught my eye… her name is Sveltlana and she is a model.

Right now most of you are slightly creeped out at the thought of finding a woman on the internet while at the same time my momma is possessing a rather large smile… I’m really struggling on the explanation but basically, I bought a desk on craigslist and it came with a free Victoria Secret window mannequin. (True story) technically it is illegal to own V.S. mannequin due to copyright laws but when you see a free mannequin how can you turn it down? Besides, we don’t have a guard dog in our house so we give her various weapons and leave her standing by the door.

She used to have some battle swords but those were deemed too dangerous because it made her top heavy… now she just holds a potato gun.

IMG_1628Hey you laugh but on more than one occasion she has stopped unwanted company from entering our humble abode.

p.s. If you’re wondering where the cloths came into play.  That’s the weird part of the story, one of my roommates had some ladies cloths “just lying around”… Yeah I started locking my door at night.